The Keller Williams’ Story – Our History

If you are considering a new career in real estate or transferring to a new real estate company, please watch this 6 minute video about the Keller Williams Story.

Our founder, Gary Keller started the company in 1986 during one of the worst real estate markets in history. With the help of his agents and implementing innovative ideas in the company, Keller Williams Realty became #1 in the Austin Texas market within 2 years.

This group of agents proposed the following ideas, which Gary Keller implemented which are the root of Keller Williams Realty’s success.

  • Best possible commission structure
  • Treat Agents like business partners
  • Profit share with access to financial information
  • Formalize input on running the business – implement the Agent Leadership Council
  • Supportive management that consults and promotes teamwork
  • The highest level of training in the industry

Today, Keller Williams Realty is the #1 company in Agent Count, #1 company in transactions, and the #1 company in volume in the nation.

Careers Worth Having and Businesses Worth Owning

The following video is a series of successful agents in the company that discuss what Keller Williams has done for them.

Keller Williams truly believes that we should run our real estate career as a business, business that is worth owning. And by sharing in the profits of the company we can “have lives that are worth living”.

The Keller Williams motto is “God and Family first, Business second, we know that isn’t politically correct, but we don’t give a flip.” Having a successful business helps to support God and Family.

Keller Williams Realty #1