Why a Career in Real Estate?

Are you interested in building your own business where you have control over your work hours, can work for yourself from home, and have unlimited earning potential? Are you a self-starter who isn’t afraid to talk to strangers and ask for business? Are you comfortable with technology? Do you have another source of income that you can rely on while building your business? If you can answer “yes” to these questions, then a career in real estate just might be for you.

I decided to obtain my real estate license after I retired from the Navy. I was fortunate that my husband had a career as a commercial pilot and I was also receiving Navy retirement income. Within three years I matched my Navy pre-retirement salary (during the housing crisis) and within six years I doubled it. I truly believe that the sky is the limit in this business, you just need to decide how hard you want to work.

Once you decide you want to build a real estate career, you need to decide what label or company you want to work under. As a new agent, you will need close supervision as well as mentorship to help you through your first transactions. This type of support is time-consuming to experienced agents, so it is highly recommended that you “hire” a trained coach. At Keller Williams Clients’ Choice, we have a coaching program for new agents. The Coach is paid at closing from the commissions at a pre-arranged split. Perhaps that will be useful at first, allowing you to get some vital experience in the industry. Real estate is actually a pretty hard business to get into, but with some valuable experience, it should be a lot easier to make a name for yourself. Perhaps new real estate agents should consider creating their own logo. This would allow people to become familiar with your business, hopefully, encouraging people to use your services. You can click for more info on creating a real estate logo if you’d like. It should help you to start forming your own real estate company. With a logo and some valuable experience, you should be ready to go.

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