A Career in Real Estate with Keller Williams Colorado Springs

Full Disclosure: I’ve been with Keller Williams Colorado Springs my entire real estate career since January 2006, and would not consider any other real estate company.

I feel like I actually lucked into Keller Williams. I had not heard of Keller Williams Realty until I attended real estate school. One of the students in the class worked for Keller Williams as an administrative assistant and was obtaining her real estate license to become a buyer’s agent. She encouraged many of us in the class to talk with Keller Williams before making a decision on a company.

I did interview two other companies before I met with the Team Leader at Keller Williams Clients’ Choice of Northern Colorado Springs. Her introduction was “We believe in God and family first, and business second. We know that isn’t politically correct, but we don’t give a flip.”

Wow! My family comes before the business? During the meetings with the two previous companies, my family wasn’t even asked about, let alone given any type of priority.

After spending less than an hour with the Team Leader, I knew that Keller Williams Colorado Springs had the same values I do. I felt comfortable around the office and was pleasantly surprised when other agents greeted me with a smile and a big welcome, unlike the dismissive greeting at the previous two companies. I will warn everyone, that we are a hugging company. Being a retired Navy Commander, hugging was considered “public display of affection” in the Navy and certainly not tolerated. Well, at Keller Williams Colorado Springs, it is “standard operating procedure.”

Keller Williams Culture

The Culture at Keller Williams is very different than most real estate companies, and I believe it is because of the profit sharing system. There is no shortage of help in the office. Everyone is happy to provide their advice on the most difficult problems, with the Team Leader and owner available any time to provide their guidance. I do believe this is because the more successful everyone is in the office, the more profits that get shared.

In a nutshell, the Keller Williams culture is:
WIN-WIN: or no deal.
INTEGRITY: do the right thing.
CUSTOMERS : always come first.
COMMITMENT: in all things.
COMMUNICATION: seek first to understand.
CREATIVITY: ideas before results.
TEAMWORK: together everyone achieves more.
TRUST: begins with honesty.
SUCCESS: results through people.

If you walk into any Keller Williams office you will see the acronym WIC4T2S which is the first letter of each line of our culture statement.  We truly believe in this Culture and it is taught to us from our founder, Gary Keller, down to the agent sitting next to you.

If you are already a licensed agent and your company does not talk highly of Keller Williams, I challenge you to give us a chance. Many traditional companies feel threatened by the Keller Williams philosophy and the fact that we share our profits but not our losses. There is a reason we keep growing while other real estate companies are shrinking. Keller Williams is the largest real estate company in the nation by agent count, number of transactions, and production.

Benefits of Keller Williams

Other benefits of Keller Williams:
– They believe in building YOUR business, not the Keller Williams logo.

– Many companies make more money by selling you leads on your own listings. Keller Williams believes in Your Listings Your Leads.

– Technology savvy company. Low office fees include a property search site, customized mobile app, lead capture system, contact management database, agent artificial intelligence (AI) app, and extensive marketing system.

– The Keller Williams Culture. The only way to explain it is “Difficult to explain but wonderful to experience.”

So, if you are considering a career in real estate call 719-964-4810 and ask for Nancy or register on my recruiting site. I would be happy to discuss the Keller Williams difference with you. Then visit your local Keller Williams office and see for yourself.