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No matter where you live in the world, my associates and I have the high-tech tools necessary to help you with buying a Colorado Springs home from afar.

Buying Remotely

As you know, when military orders come through, transfers happen quickly with little time for house hunting. Many turn to real estate platforms such as Reali to help them with the process to help try and alleviate the stress involved with the situation, as when one spouse is overseas and the other stateside, finding the right home in the right neighborhood with Air Now Heating & Cooling that both spouses agree on can be tricky. But not for military homebuyers transferring to Colorado Springs who choose Murray & Associates early in the process.

Case in point is a recent client who found our website while still serving in Afghanistan. Wanting good schools, a good deal, and to be able to use moving services for his belongings as well as the research into different vehicle shipping companies so he could review and choose one for his family’s cars, he emailed me and I got the ball rolling.

Over a two-month period, I videotaped a dozen properties in Academy School District 20. As I walked through the rooms videotaping, I pointed out any flaws such as the need for new carpet. I also taped each home’s exterior and grounds to give him an idea of the neighborhood. I placed the videos on YouTube and made them private. With the links I emailed him, my client was able to tour each home’s interior and exterior.

This is not unusual for us. I have had several clients over the years purchase a home based on the informal videos I created. Some see the home prior to closing, ideally during the inspection, and others don’t see the home until after closing. In all cases, my clients were satisfied with their purchase.

Videos like the ones I made for this client are a valuable real estate service to military husbands and wives who may be in different parts of the U.S. or even the world. Both spouses can watch them online and make comments back and forth. Their comments pro and con, help me to narrow their search to meet their needs more specifically until the perfect home is found.

This is just one of the ways I offer my remote buyers professional service with a personal touch. Check out my Client Testimonials.

Military Buyers’ Three Main Concerns

#1 Typically, the first concern for buying a Colorado Springs home for the relocating military buyer is getting their children into good schools. And Colorado Springs Academy School District 20 is nationally recognized for its award-winning schools. Academy District 20 is one of the Springs largest districts and consistently ranks at the top in state assessments. In 2011, District 20 ranked #1 in just about every academic achievement assessed. And in the percentage of students classified as proficient or advanced, District 20 again ranked #1. For specifics about school districts and schools, it is recommended that buyers go to

#2 The second concern for today’s relocating military buyers is buying a Colorado Springs home that will hold its value. Many military buyers own their homes for under five years. They want to make sure they buy a home that will hold its value or increase in value. To get expert advice on this they could learn more from Rivingtons about the potential in the house they buy. Academy School District 20 offers a broad range of neighborhoods that cater to large and small families as well as to military retirees. And because of the quality of its schools, District 20 neighborhoods have historically held their ground in relation to property values. On average, D20 home prices and price per square foot are higher than in Districts 11 and 49, which are the two other primary school districts in Colorado Springs.See Housing Analysis by School District to see how home values in the three largest school districts compare.

#3 The third common concern for buyers transferring to one of Colorado Springs’ five military installations is finding a home that meets the above criteria and is also convenient to their work. The commute from Academy School District 20 neighborhoods to each installation is very reasonable. The pages listed below give suggested routes with drive times from D20 neighborhoods to each base:

Fort Carson

Peterson Air Force Base

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Schriever Air Force Base

The Murray & Associates No-Risk Buyer Guarantee

The Colorado Real Estate Commission requires all those buying a home in Colorado Springs to be represented by a real estate professional before viewing the first property. Having a buyer’s agent costs the buyer nothing because the agent’s fee is paid by the seller as part of the listing agent’s fee. A buyer agency agreement protects everyone involved – buyer, seller, and agent – from the very beginning by allowing the buyer’s agent to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities and provide advice to the buyer while viewing properties.

But have no fear. With our No-Risk Buyer Guarantee, if a buyer is not satisfied with our service the buyer can cancel the agreement with Murray & Associates at any time as long as the buyer is not under contract for a property.

The Murray & Associates Extended Buyer Guarantee

For our buyers who purchased their property with Murray & Associates, we provide a six-month guarantee. If you’re not happy with the house you purchased or its neighborhood, we will list your house for sale and charge you only a $500 listing fee and a 3% buyer-agent fee. (Owner-occupied properties.)

The Murray & Associates Extended Military Buyer Guarantee

At Murray & Associates, we’re willing to meet an even higher standard to provide you peace of mind. For our military buyers who purchased their property with Murray & Associates, we provide a special six-month guarantee, because we understand that orders can come unexpectedly. When this happens and you transfer out within six months from your closing date, we will list your house for sale and charge you only a $500 listing fee and a 3% buyer-agent fee.

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Hero Rebate Program

Check out my Hero Rebate Program for all public servants to include military, medical, firefighters, police, and education.

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