About School District 20

Academy School District 20 covers a wide area with schools in north-central, northeast, northwest and central Colorado Springs. Its roots go back to the early 1900s when settlers started to build schools closer to home to prevent busing their children to the established schools up to 15 miles away. Colorado Springs School District 20 became an official Academy School District 20system in 1957. District 20 joined forces with the Air Force Academy to form the first successful partnership between a military institution and a public school system.

As Colorado Springs District 20’s reputation grew, demand for quality family homes in the district brought growth which in turn, increased the demand for schools. The result is today’s still growing Academy District 20 consisting of seven high schools, seven middle schools, and 22 elementary schools. For the complete list of schools, addresses, and additional information visit ASD20.


Visiting District 20 Schools

Administrators are proud of their school and welcome all visitors. When school is in session, visitors are required to enter through the main doors and sign in with the front desk or security.

Christmas Fund RaiserNew parents to Colorado Springs School District 20 are often shocked by the number of volunteers at the various school events. So many parents want to be helpful that teachers are required to hold lotteries for volunteer positions on field trips.

The level of support for any fundraiser is beyond belief and often helps create a very emotional event. Fundraisers are so important for schools. They want to give back to the community, but they can’t do that without support from the students and the community. For schools to fundraise, there are many different ways they can do this. One of the best ways is to follow the advice on crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe. By doing that, they can aim to raise as much money as possible, allowing them to give back to some of the less privileged students. The fundraisers help schools collect presents for underprivileged students. Previously, the school was able to collect presents for about 20 underprivileged families in Central Colorado Springs. As an example of the volunteerism common to School District 20 families, the Mountain View coordinator admitted to adding two additional presents per family member to stretch the numbers to match the number of Mountain View students that wanted to participate. As you can see, the response far exceeded the requests, filling the trophy case at the front entrance. Volunteers transporting the presents to the other school were overwhelmed.


Colorado Springs Academy School District 20 is considered a “choice” school district. Choice is the ability for children and parents to select the best school with the right emphasis for each child irrespective of where their home is located. Choice is based on space availability, with higher priority given to District 20 families with children already enrolled in the selected school. After Colorado Springs School District 20 families complete their “choice”, enrollment is open to families outside the District boundaries. For additional information visit ASD20’s Choice program.

Academy School District 20 Homes

High academic ratings for many of the schools within the District have made Colorado Springs Academy School District 20 a very desirable place to live. Many homes in the area appreciate each year, primarily because of the school district. [Add link to ASD20 Often when talking to locals, the first thing they will ask you is which school district you live in. As a resident of District 20, you will be proud to identify the District as your children’s educational home.

Finding a Home in Academy School District 20

District 20 Homes are located on the north end of Colorado Springs in the larger areas of Briargate, Northwest, Black Forest, and Northgate.

During the Colorado Springs home search process, you are encouraged to visit the ASD20 Office as well as the different schools you are considering for your children. We highly recommend that you research the schools at Schools.org.

By Nancy Murray

Murray & Associates, Keller Williams Colorado Springs