Choice in Academy School District 20

All Colorado Springs schools are Choice Schools. In Academy District 20 each school has a focus area such as technology, sciences, arts, etc.. With Choice, parents have the opportunity to select the best school for their children.

How Does “Choice” Work
In Academy School District 20?

We have many military buyers from out of state contact us about Academy School District 20. They quickly notice that they can buy more house in another school district, so our discussion usually focuses on “Choicing” into District 20.

Choice is the process of requesting to enroll your child in a school not in your neighborhood. If you currently live in Academy School District 20, you have a higher priority for the other District 20 shcools than those that live in another school district. I have friends who lived in D49 and Choiced their children into a D20 school successfully. Once you are Choiced in, the chances of being denied enrollment in the same school, in subsequent years, is minimal. Additionally, those choosing to Choice into a school where their siblings already go, have a higher priority as well.

For more information on the Choice process for Academy School District 20, visit the ASD20 Choice website.


District 20 Administration

By Nancy Murray

Murray & Associates, Keller Williams Colorado Springs