Fort Carson Information For Military Personnel Planning to Live in Academy School District 20

The following is information on Fort Carson and suggestions on routes and drive times from Academy School District 20 neighborhoods. To simplify the directions, we have divided the district into four quadrants with Powers being the north/south divider and Briargate Pkwy the east/west divider. If you would like your own maps of the area and the District 20 boundaries, drop us a line and we will send you the District’s parental guide complete with maps of each school’s location.

Located south of Colorado Springs just west of I-25, Fort Carson is a member of the Automated Housing Referral Network. For those planning to rent, this is the first place to look. Base housing is quite extensive and growing continually to accommodate new troops. Many newly constructed and renovated houses are located on the base. Children on base attend base schools or are bused to local, Harrison District-2 schools.

Fort Carson

Fort Carson commissary and exchange are large facilities. The outdoor recreation program offered at Fort Carson is the best in the area. Each fall you can rent skis for the season at a very reasonable price. They also offer group trips to many of the local ski resorts and white water rafting.

Fort Carson is a very large army base with great facilities and several entrance gates. There are gates located at I-25 exits 135 and 132, as well as on Route 115 (Nevada Street south of Academy Blvd.).

The best driving route from most of the Academy District 20 neighborhoods to Fort Carson is to take I-25 south. I-25 recently completed a two-year expansion project and now includes three lanes along the routes closest to Fort Carson.

The following are suggested routes and approximate drive times from various Academy District-20 neighborhoods to Fort Carson:

  • Northwest D-20 (Gleneagle, Flying Horse, Pine Creek): 25-30 minutes (Northgate or Interquest to I-25 south to the Fort Carson exits)
  • Northeast D-20 (Black Forest): 25-35 minutes (Shoup to Hwy 83 to Interquest to I-25 south to the Fort Carson exits)
  • Central D-20 (Briargate): 25-30 minutes (Briargate Pkwy to I-25 south to Fort Carson exits)
  • Southwest D-20 (Peregrine, Woodmen Valley, Rockrimmon): 20-25 minutes (Rockrimmon Blvd West to I-25 south to the Fort Carson exits.

By Nancy Murray

Murray & Associates, Keller Williams Colorado Springs