Selling Your Colorado Springs Home

When you transfer to a new duty station or if you’ve already transferred out, selling your Colorado Springs home requires tools and know-how unique to the market we are in today. So selecting a real estate agent who has both the tools and the know-how is your first important choice.

Because almost all home searches (94% at last report) begin on the Internet, your agent’s Internet marketing ability is critical to selling your home quickly in today’s global real estate marketplace. At Murray & Associates, we have all the tools and know-how needed to list your home and market it aggressively throughout the world on the Internet.

The Internet — Key To Marketing Your Colorado Springs Home

The real estate business has undergone dramatic changes in recent years. Primary among these is the way homes are marketed to the public. The Internet now gives real estate agents the ability to expose their sellers’ homes to buyers across their region, country and continent.

When marketing your Colorado Springs home for sale in a military town, a worldwide reach is especially important to making the sale. This is because prospective buyers are searching from their duty posts at U.S. military bases scattered throughout the world.

As evidenced by, Murray & Associates has a strong Internet presence. Our sellers’ homes receive feature status on this site as well as other Keller Williams real estate sites. Our listings are also published at all major search sites such as Yahoo, Google, Homes,, etc.

When you sell your Colorado Springs home with Murray & Associates, we create a custom Web site dedicated solely to your home with a virtual tour. Typically, your home address is used as your site’s Web address (URL), which appears on the for-sale sign in your yard to point buyers there for more information.

Also essential to our Internet marketing reach is our use of social media, which includes the real estate blog we maintain onsite, Facebook, and Google.

An example of the tremendous cumulative power of our combined Internet marketing efforts is a recent listing that showed up on Google a mere 24 times when we first listed it. But a search 30 days later brought up a whopping 8,900 instances. When you choose Murray & Associates to list your Colorado Springs home, this is the kind of value and Internet marketing expertise you get to sell your home quickly, as long as you’ve priced it within market value, which is the next.

And you get this Internet marketing prowess even if you’ve already transferred out and your home is vacant. We use electronic contracts, showing reports, and other high-tech tools that enable us to use a phone and computer to list your property, market it, make any contract amendments or price reductions, get it sold and close the transaction without ever having to meet with you face to face.

Price — A Colorado Springs Real Estate Seller’s Main Concern

Colorado Springs home sellers have the same primary concern as other sellers across the nation — getting the most money for their home. And in almost every case this comes down to pricing the home correctly from the first day it is on the market. The necessity for correct pricing is doubly true when a seller needs to sell quickly. Why?

Reports from the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) indicate that a home receives the most attention (inquiries and showings) during its first three weeks on the market. Many sellers — against their listing agent’s advice — insist on pricing their home above its market value to give themselves wiggle room during price negotiations with a buyer.

This logic certainly sounds reasonable. But no matter what the market is like, over pricing a home could result in the home remaining on the market longer than average resuting in price reductions and extended days on market. In a very active market, or seller’s market, a well priced home can often receive multiple offers and possibly selling over list price. In a buyer’s market, an over priced home will only help to sell the reasonably priced homes first. Statistics show the optimum time for getting the maximum number of showings is during a home’s first three weeks on the market. Buyers might not even find an over priced home.

The longer a house sits on the market — even if the seller later reduces the price multiple times (known as “chasing the market”) — the buyer’s attention usually does not pick up because buyers assume there’s something wrong with the house that prevented it from selling. Overpriced homes usually end up selling for less than the market price originally suggested.

Using the numbers from a Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) of your home, we can only suggest a list price that’s in keeping with the market, the final decision is up to the seller. But because our ultimate goal is to sell your home, Murray & Associates does not take listings for homes that are overpriced.

Why Another Colorado Springs Real Estate Agent
Might Agree To Price Your Home Above The Market

Agents know that the more a listing is overpriced the more difficult it is to sell. And when an agent is willing to price your home too high, their goal is not to sell your home. Their goal is simply to use the for-sale sign in your yard to generate calls from buyers. These are “sign calls,” and they provide valuable leads for the agent’s other listings that are priced correctly.

To a buyer who sees your sign and calls about your home, the agent might say, “Well, the home you’re calling about is priced at $350,000, but there’s a very similar property just around the corner that’s priced at $340,000.” And they can use your overpriced home to their own benefit over and over again to sell other homes.

The Murray & Associates No-Risk Seller Guarantee

Our No-Risk Guarantee for Sellers is if after three months, you are not happy with the Murray & Associates listing and marketing efforts for your house and we are neither under contract nor negotiating an offer, you may cancel your listing agreement in writing.

What is my home worth?

By Nancy Murray

Murray & Associates, Keller Williams Colorado Springs