I first had the pleasure of meeting Nancy while we were both working hard to create US Northern Command in the wake of the September 11 attacks. Nancy managed the information technology budgets for the command. While working diligently and humbly, she paid keen attention to everything, and everyone knew Nancy as a hard worker with rare insight and diplomacy. Nancy always served in good faith and with care, candor, and loyalty in fulfilling her Naval Officer duty.

Years later, after we had both moved on to new positions, I needed to sell my house to relocate for work. Well, at least I was trying to sell my house. After one “regional top selling” agent overpriced our house, I went with a more locally known agent who’d sold many homes in our neighborhood. After the initial appointment where many promises were made, only excuses followed. I wasted a lot of time as excuse after excuse rolled in, but nothing got done. Then, recalling that Nancy had become a real estate agent, I also remembered her commitment and work ethic; I called Nancy. Wow – she has not changed! Nancy was on the long list of challenges and to-do’s so fast it made my head spin. What a breath of fresh air and what a relief! Gone were the excuses, delays and drama. Like a buzz saw through the to-do list, she quietly, quickly, properly and humbly got everything done. Not only did she do everything that the other agents did not, she did many, many, many other tasks that were needed to sell the house after I moved out of town and vacated the house. Then, when offers came in, Nancy patiently and confidently handled pricing negotiations – getting the proper price in good time in a slow market. I’ve been told by some that I’m demanding, and I don’t write a lot of recommendations, but there are so many good things to say about Nancy that it’s hard to be brief — I’d trust Nancy with anything – not just the purchase or sale of my home. You can, too.

— Robert Towry Technology Executive | CIO / VP-IT State of Texas | Advisor & Consultant | Enterprise PMO/PPM Leader Seller (January 2017)