The Home Buying Process in Colorado Springs – Step 4

The Home Buying Process in Colorado Springs – Step 4

The Home Buying Process

Step 4 – The Showing Process 

Depending on how anxious you are to find a home determines how we schedule showings. If you are coming in from out of town for just a few short days, we will dedicate full or half days to view homes. If they are in the same neighborhood, we can typically see 2-3 homes per hour.

If you live in town and want to see properties as they pop on the MLS, we can usually accommodate short notice, but sometimes the sellers can’t, so keep this in mind.  The more notice we have for scheduling showings the better.

Many sellers require confirmation of the showing, which adds time to the scheduling process. Sometimes they require 24 hours’ notice, particularly if the occupant is a renter, or two hours to allow them to pick-up and prepare for the showing or remove a pet.  In most cases, the seller will not be at the property during the showing, and ideally, there will not be any barking dogs or escape artist cats.  If you have severe animal allergies, please let me know before we start showing.

In a seller’s market, like our current market, we often face competing offers. There are strategies that can be used to increase the chances of your offer being accepted. Some of these strategies require cash from the buyer. If you have a home to sell and your purchase is contingent on the sale of your other property, most sellers will not accept a contingent offer unless the property is already under contract. This can make the process that much more stressful for the buyers and more difficult to do a door to door move.

Make sure to wear slip-on shoes for viewing properties. Many sellers ask us to remove our shoes to protect the flooring for the future owner, especially if it is wet or snowy outside. Many times, there are booties in the home to slip over the shoes but slipping the shoes off and walking in the stocking feet can be easier.

You will receive a copy of the MLS for each property you see. I usually punch 3 holes in the MLS sheets, so you can put them in your buyer notebook.

When we walk into a property, we will make sure it is unoccupied first.  Because I am responsible for your safety, we will view the property together.  This is very important for distressed properties that are not in very good shape.

If you decide that you don’t like the home before we even unlock the door, it is still important to go in and do a quick check – first to verify your opinion, second out of courtesy for the seller, and third to allow me to leave a business card.

After we go into each home I will ask you for your opinion of the home.  I will want to know specifics for feedback to the listing agent and if it is high on your list, you will want to give it a rank of 1, 2 or 3 and file it in the buyer book under “favorites,” the others go under “rejects.”  As we look at more homes that you like, you will start to bump properties to “rejects” so that we only have the top 3 under “favorites.” Then when you are ready to make an offer, you only have to remember, and/or visit, the top 3 properties. I found that this is a very efficient way to view properties – you only have to remember 3.


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