The Home Buying Process in Colorado Springs – Step 9

The Home Buying Process in Colorado Springs – Step 9

The Home Buying Process

Step 9 – Post Closing 

You have a new home all to yourself. Make sure to hold onto your closing documents, you will need information off the closing statement for your tax returns. Also, watch for any information from your lender. The closer will identify the documents you will need to make your first payment, but usually, payment coupons will arrive in the mail before the first payment is due.

Beware of scams in the mail offering to provide you a copy of your recorded documents for a fee.  Do not pay anyone for these documents, the county recorder or the title company will mail you your documents after they have been recorded.

Contact your HOA within the first month to make sure they have all your contact information. Make sure to ask them how they identify when payment is due. Some HOAs do not provide notice, so make sure to mark the payment dates on your calendar.

Sit back and relax (after you have moved in and unpacked all those boxes) and enjoy your new home!

I hope you found my Home Buyer Education blogs helpful.  I would appreciate any feedback on how I can make the information better for future buyers.

Feel free to call or email me if you have any questions or when you are ready for the next step.

Happy House-hunting!


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